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What Smells Repel Squirrels?

As they look cute and most humans like to keep them as a pet, but they can destroy the things that are in front of them by chewing. If you want to keep them away, then use these specific odors that will help you to prevent them. 

Use of cider vinegar
Cider vinegar has a smell that is not like by the squirrel community. Take a bowl of cider vinegar dip a cloth in it and then place them near to their shelter. Change this cloth on a daily basis; you will get the results in just three days. 

Use of spicy odors
The hot and spicy smell can help you to repel the squirrels; the simple reason is squirrels do not like the smell at all. The use of white pepper and cayenne discouraged the squirrels from getting into your attic or basement. For example, the use of white paper as you sprinkle them on plants will help to prevent all the unwanted insects and rodents. Squirrels hate the smell of garlic; you can sprinkle them near to their shelter. To remove the blowing effect of pepper spray water on the plants and then sprinkles the pepper. Reapply this method when necessary. 

Use smell of mothballs
You may not like the smell of mothballs, but this smell is approved by research to keep the squirrels away from your house. As the mothball smell is not liked by many humans and they may feel bad so you can keep the mothballs near to the affected areas like the attic, near the garden or deck. Replace the mothballs when you feel their smell is fade. 

Use of skunk-like smell
Unlike human squirrels also do not like squirrels and their smell too. The use of skunk spray that he produces to keep the predators away can help you to get rid of squirrels. Yes, it is tough to get the skunk spray smell and tougher to enclose it in a bottle, but you can use alter. You can depend on the crown imperial as an alternative. These plants smell like the spray of skunks. These plants are common in unites state, so you can get them easily that will help to keep the squirrels away from your house. You can even purchase them from the local garden or nursery. 

Use of animal urine 
Squirrels do not like animals that can prey on them. Using the smell of squirrel's predators can be a great idea to repel the squirrels. Many odor products are available in the store for this purpose. They normally came in spray form. Spray that odor near the garden and attic or any place that they are using as their shelter. Once they feel the odor, they are going to leave the place. You may mislead them with the smell as they can think predators get into their living place, and they will decide to leave the area. Use this odor again when needed or repeat the process after the rain. 

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