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Bucket Rat Trap

Do you ever imagine you would need a bucket to trap a rat?  This is one of the best and most effective ways to trap the rat. With this trap, you can pick up many rats at once. To make this trap, you need some accessories like bucket, tin, and dowel. Most of you already have the required parts in your garage door.  After making this trip, you will never need to buy a trap from the market. 

How to make a bucket rat trap?
If you have decided to trap the rat follow the given instructions to make a bucket trap.  To make a bucket trap, you need the following accessories:

  • Take 5 Gallon bucket 
  • Dowel(it is better to use the metal hanger)
  • Take a tin can
  • Peanut butter
  • Wood scrap for the ramp

Follow the given method to make a perfect trap to get rid of rats. 
  1. Take a bucket, keep it in the opposite position, and drill a hole in the upper light and left position (so you can put the metal hanger easily.)
  2. Now take the soda can and drill them each flat side. Keep them aside
  3. Now take the dowel, pass the dowel through the bucket, and can holes. 
  4. Fill this dowel with the peanut butter, or you can use any other thing that rat-like to eat or attract them more, but in my view, peanut can be enough to trap them. 
  5. Now add a ramp of wood that will help them to get up and to eat the food that is available on the dowel. 
  6. Fill the bottom of the bucket with the water if you want to kill the rat, or if you want to catch them red-handed, then there is no need for the water. 
  7. When the rat sees the food, they will walk through the wood ramp. 
  8. As the rat will begin to get the food from the tin, rat is going to fall within the water. 
  9. You can even use slippery moisture on the tin; they are going to slip and fall into the water easily.
  10. They may survive and shout for help to rescue, although this process is inhuman because it takes time to kill a rat so you can use another way to kill them. Like you can put them in front of the snake, and they are going to eat the rat within a few seconds. 
  11. You can use this rat bucket trap for many rats at once. You will not need to reset the trap. 
As you get rid of the rat, remove the rat odor by use of water and bleach liquid, and during this process, use gloves and mask. Remove the bucket water and let them be dry.  You can use this bucket trap method anywhere, like in your house or attic. This is one of the least price and affordable processes to get rid of rats. 

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